About FLOW

FLOW is the first AI data management Team in Taiwan established by Steve Chang, the founder of Trend Micro. We aim to provide secure, efficient, and high-quality ground truth datasets for all machine learnings and AI applications.

Our customers consist of a variety of AI service providers in smart retail, safety surveillance, smart health, Industry 4.0, smart agriculture, and smart city, which in turn brings infinite advantages to AI engineers and data scientists.

Do you have any of the following challenges?

FLOW can provide you a smarter way on AI data management!

Our mission is to “uncover the world’s wisdom to power AI model with a high-quality date for training.” Our goal is to train and allow people with disabilities who are confined in their house to become professional annotators and help enhance AI learning accuracy by developing an optimized platform for computer vision and image recognition, along with dynamic labeling tools and integrated quality control management system.

AI industry leaders and experts
think we are…

Feng Tang
Feng TangMinister without Portfolio at Taiwan Executive Yuan
“FLOW is solving the bottlenecks that the AI industry may face and providing job opportunities for the disabled.”
Sheng-Wei Chen
Sheng-Wei Chen CEO at Taiwan AI Academy
“The precise data processing and consultation provided by FLOW helps the implementation of AI applications.”
Naoki Kitamura
Naoki KitamuraCEO at Incubit
“FLOW has been a great helper to solve the paint point between algorithm data processing for our team.”

Our Partners