How It Works & FAQ

How It Works & FAQ2019-05-27T12:36:36+00:00

How It Works

FAQ 常見問題

What type of format are used when delivering the completed labeling results?2019-05-27T05:41:11+00:00

FLOW provides results in the following formats:

  • TFRecord
  • Customized (e.g.,XML, JSON)
How to transfer data?2019-05-27T05:35:33+00:00

FLOW accepts different methods of data transfer:

  • Through Compressed Files
  • Through Cloud folders (For example, AWS S3, Box, Google drive, etc.)
  • FLOW will provide AWS S3 bucket and access key for customers to upload data directly.
  • Customers may provide Lists of URL. FLOW annotators will link the URL when accessing the data.

For any other data transfer request, please do not hesitate to discuss it with us.

How can customers ensure quality when the project is in progress?2019-05-27T02:53:16+00:00

One week after the project kicks off, FLOW will deliver to customers the partially annotated data result for confirmation. This is to ensure effective communication with customers regarding the quality of data annotation while avoiding problems afterward.

To ensure quality, FLOW will not deliver uninspected data to customers.

How long does it take to complete annotated data?2019-05-29T06:47:15+00:00


How much does it cost for data annotation?2019-05-27T02:46:54+00:00

The pricing is mainly based on the AI data type, data difficulty, quality requirements, delivery schedule, etc. For more information on the quotation, please contact us immediately. We can arrange a face-to-face meeting at your company or provide a quotation online.

What are the procedures for data management service?2019-05-27T02:44:03+00:00

Step 1: FLOW will sign confidential contracts with customers and provide quotations.

Step 2: Customers are required to provide both data annotation principles along with sample data. FLOW will further clarify and finalize the data annotation principles.

Step 3: According to customer’s request, FLOW will set up the annotation platform and choose appropriate annotator for the project. FLOW will deliver complete annotated data in accordance with the customer’s expectation.