Our Vision and Mission

Flow is a social enterprise founded by Steve Cheng, the Chairman of Trend Micro. We are the high-tech startup enterprise with the mission of helping people while making profits. Innovation is the keystone to our enterprise while altruism is our philosophy.

Starting from Taiwan then to the rest of Asia, we will create new business opportunities through highly innovative technology that offers people with disabilities the new employment opportunities and business modules. FLOW is able to contribute to social welfare without compromising profit making.

The logo of FLOW—a glass half-full with water—is to remind us that while we seek for self-realization, we shall not forget to impart energy to the impoverished part of the world.

FLOW’s starting point: The success of BIM professional team

In 2013, BIM business unit established. BIM, which stands for “Building Information Modeling,” is a simulation of real-time engineering in computer virtual space. The 3D modules replaced 2D graphics to create digital model to help architecture and construction companies to manage various stages of the project.

FLOW has become one of the top three BIM module teams in Taiwan with its new business model of devoting to social welfare while making profit. By combining business and technology, FLOW works to resolve employment challenges for people with disabilities.

In order for people with disabilities to quickly learn new skills and start a new career in the technology industry, FLOW minimizes learning barrier by dismantling the existing working process and redesigning the scope of work.

FLOW in progress: AI management Team

In 2018, FLOW’s AI management team was established.

FLOW continues to expand its business territory as the BIM team accumulates practice and experiences. Within 6 months, FLOW had quickly positioned itself in the global AI market. Through field trips, FLOW thoroughly understood the career challenges faced by people with disabilities to work from home. After evaluating current business markets and employment difficulties for people with disabilities, FLOW designed a new career in the technology industry: the AI Annotator.

Through remote and systematic career training, people with disabilities could work from home and eventually be self-reliant, and in turn become the key backup force for AI industry development.

Future prospects: To progress step-by-step into Asia

To make further progress in social innovation, FLOW has continued to expand potential business models and markets with the help of technology in order to improve employment for people with disabilities by mobilizing social innovators in Asia.


2007Taiwan’s 1st social venture capital enterprise
The first venture capital for social enterprise in Taiwan established by Steve Chang, the founder of Trend Micro.
2009Becoming a social enterprise that resolves employment challenges for people with disabilities.
Through in-depth study in various social issues, FLOW has identified the key to transform the lives of people with disabilities, and that is employment.
2010The employment challenges faced by people with disabilities in M-shaped society
FLOW has discovered that people with disabilities have difficulties in retaining long-term employment, not to mention that many are placed at the bottom of the career ladder in the M-shaped society.
2013Establish BIM Business Unit
By recruiting professional BIM personnel with practical experiences in engineer designs and management, while employing and training people with disabilities, FLOW is the first social enterprise that provides BIM services and has become one of the top three BIM teams in Taiwan.
2018AI Data management Team established
Following the success of BIM, FLOW responds to the rapid growth of AI industry by restoring consultants and building data annotation platform while training people with disabilities to become work-from-home AI Annotators with the aim of resolving the difficulties with high-volume AI data management.
2019年,若水國際榮獲第一屆 AI for Social Good 經濟成長獎。2018年,獲頒遠見雜誌「第一屆 社企之星」以及數位時代「FCA 最佳管理創新獎」肯定,為史上第一個獲獎的社會企業。