Biggest AI Data Processing Team in Taiwan

Comprehensive data services, boosting your machine learning!

Flow was founded by Steve Chang, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors at Trend Micro. The Ï endeavors to provide massive, secure, and high-quality data annotation services for enterprises. A smart data annotation platform is also developed for computer vision-related data on computers. Various annotation tools, as well as sophisticated quality control systems and feedback mechanisms, integrate data processing services to help AI models learn accurately.

Flow has a very diversified clientele from Taiwan, China, and Japan. Flow is working with them in fields like security and monitoring, e-commerce, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, smart healthcare, facial recognition, as well as speech and semantic analytics.

Tech for Humanity; Tech for Good.

Flow not only aims to promote the AI industry, but the team, with Tech for Good in mind, is also training physically-challenged people who have difficulty leaving their home to enter the industry as professional data annotation specialists. While offering high-quality data processing services that can power AI algorithms, Flow endeavors to propose innovative solutions to doing good things with the aid of technology.