Comprehensive data processing services,
boosting your machine learning!

What Flow offers is more than AI data annotation.

Our services incorporate a smart data annotation platform and the crucial elements of data annotation for enterprises and their valued-added AI models, providing our clients with straightforward choices in terms of data processing.

A team with unrivaled data processing experience is ready to tackle varied AI issues.

Flow guarantees customized data processing services for different AI applications, including smart cities (autonomous driving), Industry 4.0, security and human tracking/monitoring, smart retailing, smart healthcare, facial recognition, as well as moving video image, speech, and semantic analytics. The smart data annotation platform and diverse annotation tools are the backbones of the services. Our tools include Bounding Box, Polygon, Polyline, Category, Key Point, Pixel-wise, etc.

Description: Data such as autonomous driving, natural disasters, traffic flow, environmental conditions, and energy consumption are annotated to lay a foundation for smart cities.

Description: Flawed parts and rusty machines and tools are annotated to improve the production yield of factories, prevent machine failures, and reduce labor costs. 

Description: Images of surveillance cameras are annotated to help the surveillance system detect invaders or dangerous behaviors before issuing a warning.

Description: Product images are annotated. The technology is often employed at the checkouts in unmanned stores and used for retailers to track consumers’ shopping behaviors and trends.

Description: Medical images such as X-ray films are annotated to help train computers’ diagnosis abilities and further ease the healthcare professional shortage.

Features of Services

Providing comprehensive AI data processing services and accurate machine learning models.

(1) Cost – Benefit Principle

Flow maintains one-stop services for data processing. Our enterprise clients can cut the expenses of managing their own annotation teams, running well-equipped annotation rooms, and maintaining quality control. They can bring focus to core product development without the distractions of adjusting manpower according to the number of their projects or building their own annotation platforms.

(2) Reliable Security Systems

Flow cares for our clients’ data security. Non-disclosure agreements are signed, data are deleted after reviewing, and accesses are deliberately restricted. Moreover, Trend Micro, one of the top three antivirus cloud security providers in the world, offers an exclusive protection system to ensure data security.

(3) Outstanding Quality Control

Customized quality control mechanisms are designed for different AI industries. The feedback system connected to quality control specialists and data annotation specialists will effectively monitor data quality to meet our clients’ standards of yields.

(4) Data Insights & Analytics

Flow reviews the data of each project while analyzing data types and annotation principles to give feedback on data processing. This will help our enterprise clients make timely adjustments in data strategies and improve the effectiveness of AI algorithms.

Work Process

five simple steps to get high-quality AI data processing services.